Massage in Brag‚Äčg Creek

Private Yoga Sessions

You deserve to spend meaningful time with yourself.  Our sessions are more than just stretching and exercise. Yoga is for your mind and heart as much as it is for your physical body.  Our sessions together will inspire your practice with mindful movement, breath awareness and meditation for a deeper experience. Every session is offered in the spirit of self connection and gratitude. 

Our sessions are tailored to your needs and draw influence from the following styles:

-Vinyasa (active, warming, sweaty)

-Yin (slow, meditative, deep stretch, long holds)

-Restorative (resting with the support of props; calming the nervous system)

-Self Massage and Myofascial Release (Facial stretching/rolling using therapy balls for trigger point release)

All private bookings will receive a video recording of the session, a 15 minute follow chat, and can be offered online via zoom.

Let's Flow

ONLINE Classes

All online classes will be delivered via zoom.  Once you have registered you will receive a zoom link. 

 Restorative Yoga

Deep relaxation and restoration are the focus of this class. We will allow 10-20 minutes in each posture.  Using props, you will fully support your body and melt lingering tension, thus initiating the return to the parasympathetic nervous system ("rest" and "digest") Benefits of consistent practice include; decreased anxiety, depression and fatigue, strengthened immune system, self-compassion and more. This practice is beneficial for all and perfect for anyone who is looking to nourish mind, body and soul.

Wednesday's  8:00pm-9:00pm MST

Hosted by The Heart of Bragg Creek